Writing a letter contesting a debt

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Your Rights Under the FDCPA: Disputing the Debt

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New ways to combat harmful debt collection practices

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Your Rights Under the FDCPA: Disputing the Debt

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Debater a debt collector first contacts you, they simply send you a letter telling you who they are, what other they are collecting, and how much you owe. Debt Validation Sample Letter to request for validation of debt.

Under the FDCPA, you have the right to ask for validity of the debt that the collection agency says you owe to them. You'll need the Debt Validation Letter in order to.

How to Dispute a Debt with a Collections Agency

If you wish to dispute a debt it is in your best interest to do so in ncmlittleton.com Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires collectors, once they’ve received your dispute letter, to cease contacting or calling you until they verify the debt is valid. SAMPLE LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCY.

DISPUTING DEBT. I am writing in regards to the above-referenced debt to inform you that I am I am disputing this debt because I do not owe it.

Because I am disputing this debt, you should not report it to the credit reporting agencies. If you have already reported it, please contact the credit. The following letter can be copies for your use. The letter should contain the specifics that you have such as the creditor’s name and any known account numbers; The letter should be sent both by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested and by first class mail.

If they accept the letter you will have a receipt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from contacting a consumer about a debt at a time or place they should know is inconvenient. With this letter, the consumer is able to tell the debt collector how they would like to be contacted.

How to Contest Debt. by Kathryn Hatter. Provide all relevant details in your letter to the collection agency. Include details such as your name, account number, amount owed and the reason you are contesting the debt.

You might contest a debt if, for example, you have already paid it, you returned the item for which payment is sought, or.

Writing a letter contesting a debt
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